Surf lesson from surf champions

Surf instructors Kasper and Erik have been surfing at the top level for years and have competed in several competitions.

Kaspar is a 5-time Dutch champion and Erik recently finished third of Dutch. They also coached the Dutch junior team for many years and are supported by several brands. 

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Surfing is a big part of their lives for Kasper and Erik. Since the age of 12, we can be found daily in the North Sea, traveling all over the world in search of the perfect waves. Surfing is an addiction and a lifestyle for both of them, it has brought them to crazy places, they have met cool people and learned a lot from all the different cultures. They want to share this feeling! This is why they started a surf school, to pass on their passion!

They started surfing about 17 years ago. Actually hooked from day 1.

Fun fact; Kaspar and Erik met each other in the water and are still close friends some 17 years later and run the Dutch Surf Academy surf school together.

Dutch surf academy

Sahara Swing with live music

The caribbean sounds will sound good by the crackling campfire. Meet new people and swing to it during this fun evening. Of course, a nice drink cannot be missed.

andre hazel livemuziek

Ice bath training, push your limits

Find the limits and go over them during a real ice bath workout. Like a true “Wim Hof,” you control your body and beat the cold.

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Trainers on their ice bath experience

Ice has become an integral part of our lives. Besides being very fond of ice cream, we also love eating ice cream. Hans, by applying the Wim hof method daily, has Crohn’s disease under control.

Yvonne has become mentally stronger because of it. Joining forces and then beautiful things are created. Both of us have another passion, climbing Kilimanjaro.

Hans and Yvonne

Quality time in the hot tub

Getting into the hot tub together with loved ones. The most relaxing place to tell stories to each other. What story are you saving for the hot tub?


Massages that matter

Just unwind during a delicious massage. That’s what you want after a full day of surfing. We have the best masseuses waiting for you!

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About the trainers.

Hi, I’m Frannie from massage practice RechargEnjoy. The name says it all; recharge your batteries and enjoy one of the various massage treatments I provide at Sahara Stay. (Chair massage 30min, a back-neck-shoulder massage 30min, relaxation massage 60min)

Since childhood I have always found this fun and inspiring, unfortunately with growing up and the pressures of school and study this has been diluted. Until several years ago, massage came my way again. I then decided to make it my profession and have been working as a massage therapist with love and joy ever since. Do what you love, love what you do!


Experiencing what situation or phase you are in, going with what is there, feeling what you need while taking good care of yourself, helps you keep your life energy up. A Shiatsu massage can help you with this by being detached from the world around you…

I am lucky to live close to the beach , so it is my favorite place to recharge and clear my head. My 14-year-old dog still likes to walk.

Exercise is important to me, both with your body and your mind. And you can move in all kinds of ways, especially do what you like! Stay curious , and connected to the people and the world around you . You are never too old to learn… I also started a completely different study 5 years ago 😊



Children's entertainment within walking distance

A 2-minute walk takes you to Speelcafé Zoet: the kids’ club of our other park (Strandpark Vlugtenburg). The entertainment team makes it a party every Wednesday and Saturday. And in the holidays even on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Here you will find everything about the entertainment team and the entertainment programme.

animatie op strandpark vlugtenburg
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